About Us

Our story

The Idea of natmo was born in 2020 when founder Melissa Rachel Kavanagh wanted to create a conscious brand that stands for chic and high quality designed fashion without harming our employees and our planet.

Being a sustainable brand we try to combine long lasting classics without having to give up modern trends.
Our first collection is a capsule collection. The Luna Set can be worn in multiple ways so that you have many options while only purchasing one single outfit. 
We want to bring back the joy of appreciating what we already own and purchasing quality items that will last when treated with care and respect.

Express yourself

We enable you to be yourself. Optimize your Luna set to your desire and occasion.

& ethics

fair production

We source sustainable materials and work with suppliers in Portugal, Europe having high ethical standards


All our products are shipped in recycled boxes without plastic


We send all our goods with DHL goGreen

Production &
supply chain

Our garments are designed in Germany and made in Portugal. 
Portugal is know for its longterm experience in the garment industry.

The suppliers are very interested in sustainable sourcing, manufacturing and constantly developing new strategies and possibilities for a more sustainable production.


Price breakdown

Consumers should have the right to know what they are paying for in order to understand the value of the products they purchase. Due to our sustainably made and low quantities as a small brand, our purchasing price is noticeably higher, than for companies that produce higher quantities and use cheaper materials in general.


These costs include the purchase of the yarn, threads, labels and the dyeing process.

This is the price we pay the knitting factory to produce this garment.

Logistics include the transportation of goods, fees, packaging and storage costs.

Having a strong corporate design is very important for any brand. We work with a local design agency that brings our inner values to paper and screens.



Company Costs:
Our markup allows us to pay for our company expenses and invest in future products. This includes expenses like wages for website, insurance, freelancers, transaction fees and marketing. Our markup allows us to pay everyone who works for us at a fair price.

We work with a team in Portugal that helps us bring our ideas to life and control all steps on site. They regularly check the supply chain and handle the quality control.

Not all viscose is sustainable, ours actually is

up to 50% lower emissions & water impact than generic viscose

Up to 50% lower emissions and water impact compared to generic Viscose is generated while manufacturing Lenzing ECOVERO™.

sustainable wood and pulp sourcing / procurement

Lenzing ECOVERO™ sources it’s fibers through renewable resources. The wood and pulp is purchased from responsible managed forests and certified sustainable sources.

supply chain

ECOVERO™ fibres can easily be identified using a manufacturing system, even after the textile has been processed though the value chain. This assures environmentally conscious consumers that brands are really using eco-friendly Viscose in their products.

certified eco-

ECOVERO™ is only manufactured from certified and controlled wood sources which produce significantly lower fossil energy use and water than regular Viscose.


We want to give back. 
A percentage of our profit will go directly to trusted organizations. 
We want to focus on natural distributions and mental health awareness, but we are also open to any suggestions you may have. Please feel free to contact us at: mail@natmoclothing.com

We already saved enough money to plant 100 trees in Melissa Kavanagh’s hometown Iserlohn, Germany.

“Every time you spend money, you are casting
a vote for the kind of world you want.”

-Anna Lappé

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